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Teressa applies a high fashion, and artistic eye to all of our design projects. She excels at Creating a cool vibe and giving our clients more style than they ever dreamed possible. With over 30 years of studying and being immersed in art, trends, design, and fashion, Teressa offers a superb alternative to the norm. Through the lens of Teressa's creativity, Paper & Onyx Interior Design Studio has a sophisticated edge and translates a unique vision of cool!

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Paper & Onyx: The Harmonious Duality of Style and Substance


In the chic world where fashion meets interiors, where art converges with functionality, stands a beacon of sophisticated elegance—Paper & Onyx. Helmed by the visionary Teressa Addington, a doyenne of style with over 30 years of experience in fashion, art, and design, this interior design firm transcends the ordinary, crafting spaces that resonate with discerning connoisseurs of the most fashionable sort.


Teressa Addington has seamlessly woven her vast experience in fashion and art into the very fabric of interior design. Her journey began with her obsession for fashion, where she cultivated an eye for the avant-garde and a flair for the extraordinary. This foundation in fashion not only honed her aesthetic sensibilities but also instilled a deep appreciation for the transformative power of design. As she transitioned from the runway to the drawing board, Teressa brought with her a unique perspective that infuses every project at Paper & Onyx with a distinctive blend of artistic panache and timeless sophistication.


For almost five years, Paper & Onyx has been curating spaces that defy the status quo. Teressa’s work is characterized by a harmonious duality—where the bold intersects with the subtle, and where tradition meets modernity. Her designs are a testament to her belief that interiors should be as dynamic and multifaceted as the people who inhabit them. Each space she creates is a narrative, a carefully crafted story that unfolds through meticulously chosen textures, colors, and forms.


“Our clients are individuals of discerning taste who seek more than just beautiful spaces; they desire environments that reflect their personality and aspirations,” says Teressa. At Paper & Onyx, the approach is bespoke, ensuring that every project is a reflection of the client’s unique vision, elevated by Teressa’s unparalleled expertise and artistic intuition. The firm’s portfolio is a rich tapestry of luxurious residences, chic lofts, and sophisticated commercial spaces, each bearing the hallmark of Teressa’s distinctive, high-fashion style.


One of the defining elements of Teressa’s design philosophy is her ability to blend fashion elements into interiors seamlessly. This innovative approach can be seen in her use of haute couture fabrics for upholstery, runway-inspired color palettes, mixing statement pieces with timeless classics, and art installations that echo the latest trends in fashion and modern living. Yet, this infusion is never superficial; it is an intrinsic part of the design, ensuring that each space is not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and enduring.


Teressa’s ability for the multifaceted creative lucidness of fashion design is evident in her work. She can transform a simple piece of fabric into a statement of identity and style, a principle she applies to her interior designs. Her spaces are not just decorated but curated with an artistic touch that brings out the soul of the environment. “Designing a space is much like designing a collection, each season brings a new direction, a new narrative, and vibe! ” says Teressa. This passion for creativity and innovation is what drives her to continually push the boundaries of design.


Art holds a special place in Teressa’s heart, not only as an inspiration but as a crucial element of society and culture. She believes that art, in its myriad forms, has the power to elevate the human experience, foster connection, and inspire change. This belief is reflected in every aspect of Paper & Onyx, where art is not just an accessory but the cornerstone of the design process. From selecting bespoke artworks to incorporating sculptural elements, Teressa ensures that each space is a testament to the cultural and societal importance of art. As an artist herself, Teressa paints large abstract paintings in vivid colors, bringing a bold and expressive touch to her designs. These artworks often become focal points in her interiors, imbuing each space with a unique vibrancy and depth.


In addition to her prowess in painting, Teressa also designs unique decor and floral arrangements when the mood strikes, creating just the right ambiance and look. Her ability to craft bespoke elements adds another layer of personalization to her projects, ensuring that every detail contributes to a cohesive and captivating environment.


Teressa’s artistry is not confined to the visual realm. It extends to the very atmosphere of the spaces she designs. There is a palpable sense of balance and harmony in her work, a reflection of her belief in the power of design to enhance well-being and inspire creativity. Every project is a symphony of style and function, where every detail is thoughtfully considered and expertly executed.


Beyond the aesthetics, Teressa Addington is on a mission to elevate people's lives and effect positive change. She believes that exceptional design can profoundly impact individuals, creating environments that enhance well-being and inspire greatness. This mission extends to the broader society and culture, where Teressa aims to contribute to a more beautiful, thoughtful, and exceptional world through her designs. Her commitment to exceptionalism is not just about creating stunning spaces but about fostering a culture of excellence and inspiring others to seek and appreciate the extraordinary in their own lives.


As Paper & Onyx continues to set new standards in the world of interior design, Teressa Addington remains at the forefront, a true maestro of her craft. Her work is an invitation to experience the extraordinary, to step into a world where every space is a masterpiece, and every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of life.


For those who seek the exceptional, who crave a space that is as unique and sophisticated as they are, Paper & Onyx is the ultimate destination. Under Teressa Addington’s masterful guidance, the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and the mundane becomes a work of art. Welcome to a world where design is not just seen, but felt—welcome to Paper & Onyx.

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design is an art form. our homes should make us feel amazing and satisfied. Our homes are a reflection of us and what we dream of being, ultimately infusing the home with thoughtful design will turn that dream into reality.


To Guide my clients in creating the ultimate lifestyle, designing the home of their dreams, and elevating their lives.

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